Michel Vrydag Mapping Roots

«  Play me some typical music of your country. » Having had to answer this question many times during travel, tours and collaborations with other musicians, bassplayer Michel Vrydag ended up each time playing some composition of his repertoire. This was the starting point of « Mapping Roots » : living music open to the world, fuelled by a lot of improvisations and influences from various musical traditions. Mainly jazz but also folk traditions from several continents, rock and  even some electronic music.

Like Belgium, at the confluence of different cultures, languages, not to mention Surrealism, his compositions take the best of a lot of traditions around… Michel Vrydag present a repertoire of jazz compositions that gathers all these influences with piano player Bram Weijters and drumer Daniel Jonkers.

Line up :
Michel Vrydag : Bass and Compositions
Bram Weijters : Piano
Daniel Jonckers : Drums


Michel Vrydag

Eclectic and full of surprises is something that can describe bassplayer and composer Michel Vrydag. Besides being active on the Jazzscene, he also tour and write music with the Louvat Bros. (Folk & World music. They won the 2012 Liz Meyer award for the most innovative European Bluegrass Band ) and play rock with Z-Band. He toured with Paul Di’Anno the original singer of the legendary Iron Maiden. He toured in Belgium (We heard him inside various Jazz projects and encounters with people like Bo Vanderwerf, Fabian Fiorini, Stephane Mercier,  Xavier Roge, Antoine Pierre, Laurent Mercier, Bruno Castellucci, Pierre Bernard, Sabin Todorov, Lionnel Beuvens, Casimir Liberski, Tutu Poane, Toni Mora,Paolo Loveri, and most of the musicians of his generation), across Europe ( Luxembourg, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, United Kingdom… ), several times in Canada & United States and in India where they shared scenes with musicians from Kashmir, Rajasthan, West-Bengal and Siberia. Hundreds of wonderful concerts, of human experiences that opened his musical and personal horizon.


Bram Weijters

« Weijters’ music is just a joy to listen to.” (All about Jazz).
“A special mention goes to Bram Weijters’ extraordinary piano playing” (De Morgen)
“marvelous interactions from pianist Bram Weijters”(JazzMozaiek)

These are just a couple of quotes about Bram Weijters, a belgian, antwerp based pianist and composer who focuses on mainly on jazz, improvisational and alternative music. He performed as well with people from the Belgian hip hop scene , singer-songwriters and alternative bands. Most of his time and dedication go to a lot of different jazz/impro-projects (the international Bram Weijters-Chad McCullough Quartet, the own Bram Weijters trio and Quartet as well as: Hamster Axis of the One-Click Panther, Mazzle, Zygomatik, Jelle Van Giel Group, …)


Daniel Jonckers

“ Daniel took our attention by his way warded choices, great timing and impressive dynamics. » are the words of the 2014 EU Jazz Young Talent Award jury when the Brussels based drummer Daniel Jonkers won that prize.

Daniel is very active in the jazz, improvisational and alternative pop scene in Belgium and The Netherlands : you can hear his work on several albums like Tim Finoulst Trio (Narrative), Toni Mora Quartet (Beyond Words), Otto Kintet, Aligaga (After the storm). He toured in Europe (Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, Luxemburg, Denmark) and Asia (China).  He plays with Tim Finoulst Trio, Albert Vila Trio, Toni Mora Quartet, Otto Kintet, Aligaga, BRUNA and musicians such as Philippe Aerts, Olivier Collette, Raphael Brochet, Martijn Vanbuel, Hendrik Lasure, Charles Loos, Maxime Blesin, Stephane Mercier, Nicolas Thys, Igor Genehot and many other musicians of his generation.

Besides beign active as a sideman, he is currently working on composing music for his own project.