Michel Vrydag

Eclectic and full of surprises is something that can describe bassplayer and composer Michel Vrydag. Besides being active on the Jazzscene, he also tour and write music with the Louvat Bros. (Folk & World music. They won the 2012 Liz Meyer award for the most innovative European Bluegrass Band ) and play rock with Z-Band. He toured with Paul Di’Anno the original singer of the legendary Iron Maiden. He toured in Belgium (We heard him inside various Jazz projects and encounters with people like Bo Vanderwerf, Fabian Fiorini, Stephane Mercier,  Xavier Roge, Antoine Pierre, Laurent Mercier, Bruno Castellucci, Pierre Bernard, Sabin Todorov, Lionnel Beuvens, Casimir Liberski, Tutu Poane, Toni Mora,Paolo Loveri, and most of the musicians of his generation), across Europe ( Luxembourg, Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, United Kingdom… ), several times in Canada & United States and in India where they shared scenes with musicians from Kashmir, Rajasthan, West-Bengal and Siberia. Hundreds of wonderful concerts, of human experiences that opened his musical and personal horizon.