“Play me a song that tells me about the place you come from » is the starting point of the compositions of the Belgian jazz trio « Mapping Roots» led by the bass-payer & composer Michel Vrydag.« Mapping Roots» presents lively, organic, luminous music, open to the world, nourished by improvisation and at the borders of many styles: a jazz universe with rhythms inspired by traditional music from several continents.

Michel Vrydag - Mapping RootsFirst Daylight [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag - Mapping RootsSeptentrion [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag - Mapping RootsRising Tide [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag - Mapping RootsTreize [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag - Mapping RootsTales of a Thousand Lakes [EXTRACT]
Michel Vrydag - Mapping Roots - Worlds [EXTRACT]


10 Belgian jazz records not to be missed in 2022 – Bx1 100%Jazz – Fabrice Grosfilley [Two musicians have thrilled us in contemporary and very different registers: the virtuoso bassist Michel Vrydag with a very successful double album « Mapping Roots », the best tracks of which are reminiscent of the trio EST…]   

 23 best Jazz Releases 2022 – Journalists picks Jazzfuel Robin Arends Jazz Halo «The Brussels bass guitarist Michel Vrydag made a great effort to put down a hell of an album with his project, the trio Mapping Roots. It has become a double CD that does not bore you for a minute.» 

 ✭✭✭✭ concerto.at. – meissl […There is a very refreshing piano trio in Belgium. Although it should be called a bass trio…Straightforward, transparent, precise and expressive.] 

 ✭✭✭ Le soir – Jean-Claude Vantroyen […all the vitality of a very colorful, very powerful, very energetic trio… Roots of swing, world, jazz : Michel Vrydag has digested them and gives them back to us with a beautiful vigor and, on some pieces, a real tenderness.] 


Line up :

Michel Vrydag : Basse et Compositions
Bram Weijters : Piano
Daniel Jonkers: batterie

Web : www.michelvrydag.com
Label : Unit Records
Press Agent : Inge de Pauw-Stiletto
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